77+ Donation Opportunities for Nonprofits And How to Apply Great Fundraiser Ideas

Donors can give through Charity Engine’s online app or donate in person. The platform features peer-to-peer fundraising pages, event ticketing, and integrated email campaigns. Online fundraisers can use the PayPal Donate button to request funds online or set up recurring donations through the automatic payments setting. Since Bloomerang Payments is built into the platform, you don’t need to integrate products. Plus, Bloomerang allows donors to cover transaction fees so more funds go to your charity.
The Google Ad Grant program provides $10,000 each month in free advertising credits to eligible nonprofits. The grant can be used to create Google Ads targeting specific keywords so that nonprofits’ websites show up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). A great-looking website won’t do your cause much good if it’s difficult to use! When you create your site menu, try thinking about it from a website visitor’s perspective and anticipating their needs. Alverno’s “Visit” page offers easy-to-use tools for signing up for an in-person campus tour, in addition to multiple video tours of different spots on campus. With Morweb, this hospice organization was able to create a visually-inviting website that hosts a wealth of useful resources.
Crowdfunding is all about many individuals each giving a (usually) small donation — $5, $10, $50, $100. It has become a popular type of fundraising with corporate organizations and nonprofits alike. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Napolitano, the Executive Director of the DONNA Foundation, responsible for overseeing the DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville, Florida. During our conversation, Amanda shared valuable insights into best practices for fundraising events and maximizing the potential of RunSignup’s comprehensive products and features. If you just want to make it easy for supporters and participants to donate to your event, we have some solutions for you.
MightyCause has two pricing models – $59/month for the basics and $99/month for the full functionality. The full functionality includes features like text-to-give and embeddable donation forms, which other platforms might not have. Great Fundraiser Ideas offer a free trial, but you will have to reach out to get a quote on pricing.
The Digiunity site earned its top spot on our list not just for its smooth, streamlined design, but for what it represents. This decades-old organization is a long-standing changemaker for digital accessibility, yet up until 2020, its website was starting to fall behind in terms of functionality and aesthetics. When people give to a classroom project, there’s a minimum $10 donation to AdaptAClassroom.org to assist in minimizing card processing costs. However, if you donate to a Spotlight Fund or directly to AdoptAClassroom.org, there’s no minimum.