Cute Glasses

For glasses with a wider fit, look for a combined Lens and Bridge Width of 72 or more. To keep shopping, complete the verification. Elite Four member Shauntal has big, round glasses and is super adorable.
And for a funky look, use two complementary colours to add a glam effect. Many women choose to apply mascara both to their upper and lower lashes. But for women who wear glasses, using mascara on the lower lashes can be a huge mistake. Highlighting your lower lashes can cast a shadow under the eyes, creating an illusion of dark circles. The light reflects from the frame and makes your under-eye area look darker.
In Cheap Glasses for the song “You Belong With Me”, she plays dual roles as a cheerleader and as a nerdy neighbor girl. For the nerdy neighbor girl part she dons a pair of glasses, which not only fail to make her look unattractive but actually make her even more beautiful. All the girls are having a selfie competition to see who can get the most likes online.
If your eyewear needs don’t require a visit to an actual store or a check-up with your physician, there are plenty of prescription and reading glasses to choose from online. We narrowed down a few online glasses retailers that our editors love shopping. They all make the process of perusing through online glasses stores fuss-free and convenient, and there are options on the list that fit every budget. In addition, of course, the best part is that none of their cute glasses are expensive, so to speak, so cheap.
Midge from Vertigo has large round glasses and fits the character type perfectly as a kind, intellectual sweetheart from the protagonist’s kinder past. We are a visionary eyewear company leading a movement to reimagine how people care for their eyes. Our purpose is to inspire the importance of everyday eye protection through innovative and seamless design.