Middle School Fundraising Ideas Best Junior High Fundraisers

Our goal with this competition is to recognize outstanding writing achievement by high school students. With a good group of committed volunteers, there’s no limit to what you can do with a charity drive event! Enlist parent or teacher volunteers to setup donation points around the community. Get a tree and put it in the school’s main lobby or cafeteria for donated gifts or items to be placed under. This is a great way to show kid’s the true spirit of Christmas.
Traditional product sales are a tried-and-true way to make money for your group, but we’ve collected ideas for some cool fundraisers that real PTOs and PTAs have used. From creative and witty to downright wacky—including a bunch that can serve as middle school fundraisers—here are a few fun ways to raise a few dollars. Give thanks to the donors contributing to your school fundraising ideas.
The kids can help you set up the event by blowing the balloons. Here is an example of the coupon page you can give to the people as a “Thank You” for participating. Another method for increasing excitement for and participation in the fundraiser is by having daily announcements. This can be tied in with the results that are displayed on the aforementioned charts. A fun activity related to the containers would be for each team or class to decorate their own bottle or jar with their group’s theme or grade level. It’s a fun way for participants to bond with each other within their team or classmates.
Take a page from the NBA playbook by hosting your very own three-point contest! Invite community members to register for the competition by contributing a donation to your team. Then, challenge participants to shoot as many three-pointers as they can within a defined time period, such as a minute. You can start a GoFundMe page for your team, and share it on your social networks.
Some students keep old textbooks, give them to friends, or sell them back to the bookstore— but many throw these old books away. Make this more fun by posting a “most wanted” list of notable campus figures, each with a bail amount that they must meet if caught. This is an exciting and interactive fundraiser that feels more like a game than a campaign. Time this fundraiser around graduation, so soon-to-be alumni have a way to leave a lasting mark. Start an online campaign encouraging students to film themselves partaking in a challenge (such as eating a super hot pepper or being submerged in a bucket of freezing ice water). Games in the Mario franchise are always a popular pick for kids.
Encourage easy school fundraisers to make a donation in addition to their video. One way to raise a lot of money is to sell group ticket packages of four or six. You can have attendees compete for the highest scoring game, most strikes, most spares, or best team overall. The best ways to raise money for your school, non-profit, or any other cause you’re passionate about. Looking for a sweet fundraiser that isn’t chocolate bars and lollipops? Welch’s Fruit Rolls are a healthy alternative when choosing a fundraising product.