Mobile Patrol Security Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

Security Services near me , stalkers, espionage, workplace violence, extortion and supply chain disruptions can arise without warning. Our security team can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current security measures to analyse risks, mitigate threats, identify suspects and ultimately help you manage and resolve a wide variety of security issues. The security guards provided by Building Security Services are armed or unarmed as per the clients’ requirements.
I am responsible for eighty properties, and not only have I never had any problems working with National Security Service, several times your guards were challenged by unexpected problems and resolved them on their own. No matter where or when or why you need Security Guards, National Security Service is your one stop source for nationwide security guard solutions. This can be from a single team leader travelling with designated client family members, driving and acting as a “travel companion”. Through to large teams of personnel providing significant pre-trip planning and security advances, to overt and covert security personnel, dummy routes with additional advance and back-up teams. Typically, we operate with a very light footprint and will only use overseas personnel in senior management and training roles, preferring our selected local assets for other positions.
One of the greatest concerns that many business owners share is the threat of crime occurring on their properties. Mobile patrols can be deployed at regularly scheduled intervals to check the premises for theft, vandalism, loitering, trespassing and other nuisances. Security units can also make random patrols to proactively deter potential criminal activities when unwanted visitors are least suspecting it.
I will highly recommend your services to anyone that needs temporary security. We work with London security alarms who are one of the leading security companies when it comes to creating a state of the art CCTV package at a really competitive price. Richard Jewell, a security officer at Atlanta, Georgia’s Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics who was wrongly accused of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. Jewell was later cleared of those charges, and was in fact the one who saved hundreds of lives when he first noticed the suspicious package and got the area evacuated. Jewell later successfully sued several news agencies who erroneously reported he was the bomber. In 1999, security guard Pierlucio Tinazzi died while attempting to rescue victims from the Mont Blanc tunnel fire.
Partner of choice for a number of highly respected businesses throughout Scotland from corporate clients to legal firms. If you are interested in becoming a security guard for Building Security Services or know someone who is, please apply today. For added peace of mind, our guards are all licensed, bonded, and insured. Logixx maintains a strong roaster of security escorts to protect individuals and/or their families when required.